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Hi there! My name is Shumail Rafique and Iā€™m a full stack website developer with over 3 years of experience in the industry. I love all things tech and coding, and I share my knowledge and experience with others.

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Student FSC ( Engineering )

2019 to 2021

From 2019 to 2021, I pursued my FSC Engineering degree at PGC (Punjab Group of Colleges), where I garnered invaluable insights into disciplines pertinent to engineering studies. During this time, I honed my skills in time management and professionalism, fostering an environment conducive to both academic excellence and personal growth. Additionally, I thoroughly relished the camaraderie with peers, actively engaging in sports events, which contributed significantly to my holistic development.


Arfa Software Technology Park

Feb 2021 to Aug 2021

In early 2021, I enrolled at Arfa Software Technology Park for an intensive full-stack website development course. This renowned tech hub provided a robust foundation in this field over six months. Complementing formal education with online resources like YouTube and free boot camps, I honed my skills extensively. This diverse learning journey culminated in expertise as a proficient MERN stack full-stack developer and in multiple advanced technologies.


Alliance Tech Software Company

Dec 2021 to May 2022

As a Full Stack Website Developer at Alliance Tech Software Company, I crafted numerous web applications using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js). Additionally, I had the opportunity to mentor and guide new interns joining the company. Regrettably, after 4 to 5 months, I had to resign due to location-related challenges; the distance from my home made commuting impractical.

  • Developed MERN stack web apps at Alliance Tech, showcasing expertise in MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js
  • Led projects and mentored interns, ensuring seamless integration and top-quality web solutions.

Working With Local & Remote Clients

May 2022 to July 2023

Throughout this period, I've developed numerous web applications encompassing both frontend and full-stack solutions, garnering invaluable experience from real-time projects. Collaborating with clients from diverse platforms like Fiverr and local businesses, I relished the multifaceted learning experiences, crafting exceptional web applications and impactful business landing pages.

  • Directly engaged in various app launches, observing team collaboration dynamics.
  • ained insight into structuring code for large-scale applications.

Code NativeX Software Campany

Aug 2023 to Now

I am presently engaged with Code Native X, operating remotely to handle both backend and frontend aspects on project-based assignments. This role isn't full-time, but it provides invaluable real-life project experiences. I'm actively learning team management within a remote setup, gaining valuable insights from these experiences.


Current Position


I am currently seeking roles in full-stack web development, leveraging my expertise in working remotely with diverse clients. My skills encompass both front-end and back-end development, offering tailored solutions for innovative projects.

My Projects

Each project is a unique piece of development


GW Alpha

E-Book Selling app with full authentication and payment integration using Stripe. Use can purchase any book using card and after payment user is able to download PDF file of E-book.

#Next.js#Stripe.js#Uploadthings#Redux.js#Tailwind CSS#NodeMailer

Code NativeX

I designed and developed the website for Code NativeX, a software company, utilizing Next.js to ensure smooth graphics and performance. The website incorporates Node.js backend functionalities, leveraging Nodemailer for seamless contact form submissions.

#Next.js#Tailwind CSS#Framer-motion#NodeMailer


Xyndicate blends the power of social networking with advanced crypto trading tools in a user-friendly platform. Be part of the new era of crypto investing.

#React.js#Tailwind CSS#Lotie.js#Framer-Motion

Admin Dashboard

I created a comprehensive admin dashboard frontend for a UK client. It features various charts (like pie and line charts) to visualize crucial data such as customer insights, order details, locations, store products, and monthly revenue.

#React.js#Recharts#Tailwind CSS#MUI#Date-fns

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Website Development

Specializing in the development of responsive full-stack Web Applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, Firebase, and other cutting-edge technologies.

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Backend Development

Crafting a dynamic web backend with Node.js, Express, MongoDB + Mongoose, or exploring Firebase's serverless capabilities with Node.js and Next.js, all powered by JavaScript.

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Website Design

Empowering website visions through Figma, translating ideas into stunning designs. Offering professional web design services, bringing Figma prototypes to life with precision and creativity.

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Landing Pages

Bringing Figma's designs to life with React and Next.js for captivating landing pages. Converting Figma prototypes to live pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for effective online experiences.

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Enhancing online visibility through tailored SEO strategies, elevating your digital business presence. Offering specialized SEO services and drive organic growth for your business.

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Video Editing

Crafting compelling visual narratives through our professional video editing services. Transforming raw footage into captivating stories, tailored to engage and impress your audience.

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Feedback from clients

  • User Profile

    Raja Ziafat

    Founder/CEO of Code NativeX

    "Shumail Rafique has proven to be a valuable asset to our team. His talent shines through in his exceptional work, consistently delivering high-quality results. His dedication and strong work ethic make him a standout performer in our company. Highly recommended!."

  • User Profile

    Tamkeen Rajpoot

    Professional Video Editor

    "I recently had the pleasure of working with Shumail Rafique on a project that required developing a MERN stack web application with API access. From the beginning, Shumail displayed a high level of professionalism, ability to work in an agile environment, and technical competence that greatly contributed to the success of our project. Will work again with him. 100% Recommended."

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    Founder of CUBE

    "Shumail is great to work with and has communicative and prompt throughout the project creation and deployment. He was helpful in providing guidance on any parts of the project that had to come from me. Will definitely work with again!"

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